can a sustainer pickup be used in the middle position (and still have the sustaining effect)? or does it only work when in the bridge?
i was always under the assumption it was in the bridge because of the original title of "Floyd rose sustainer pickup"...

so if it only works in the neck position, does anyone happen to know WHY it will only work there? this is just somewhat to satisfy my curiosity and somewhat to see if i can find a way to get around it...

off topic: i see you have a weeping demon wah, ive been interested in those. care to tell me how good/bad/ugly it is?
it's naturally more effective the closer to the center of the string it is.
but a good sustainer can be used in the middle position.

the biggest problem is magnetic leakage.
a sustainer produces wicked magnetic fields
that can feed directly back into your pickup(s) causing a squeal.

a truly great sustainer could be used in the bridge position.
but the magnetic energy it produces would have to be focused directly at the strings
so that it would have enough power to affect the strings
without leaking into the pickups that are being used to sense the strings.

iirc, the Moog guitar uses sustainers in both the neck and bridge positions.
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alright, so in the opinion of those that are knowledgable, is it worth paying for one to try it out in the middle position? or will it more then likely fail due to interference with other pickups/fail to properly interact with the strings

i ask because as of right now i never use my middle pickup. ever.

other pickups currently: seymour duncan hotrail (bridge), emg hz single (neck)