Well my xbox 360 has the red rings of death. Ive been fixing it thanks to a video on youtube and when he puts the heatsinks back on he uses screws and rubber washers. I just put the x clamps back on and now my 360 wont turn on. Is it because I didnt use the screws and rubber washers?
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I got the red ring on my 360 awhile back, all you have to do is e-mail microsoft and they send you a box to send the 360 in with, you'll get a brand-new one shipped to you in about a week for free
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I just sent mine back to the shop and they exchanged it.

Seemed like the logical step to me. But then since when did anyone do anything logical these days...?
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Lol, my 360 has been getting the red rings for the last month, but I wrapped it up in towels to get it working again.
It gets red rings each since using the towels, but after turning it off and on about 20 times it works again.
I'm too lazy to send it in to Microsoft. :/

oh the old towel trick. lol
now by "fixing" do you mean "breaking?"

but seriously, i doubt the kind of fastener you used would have done anything, but try replacing the x-clamp with the type of screws he used. or better yet, ask him. After all, I'm sure that he knows his way around an xbox better than a humble guitar/gear tech
why on earth didn't you just send it off? you've royally screwed it now

i'm guessing the fact that you didn't use screws isn't the reason its not turning on. you can run pc's without heatsinks, they just die very quickly.
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