Well, let's see how to start this off...

I'm 17 and just graduated high school here in Vermont. My dad works in Washington D.C. and before I go to college full time, I am taking a year off next year to live with him to kind of decide where I'm going in life.

So. During this off year, I would really like to have a band in the D.C. area. For the past two and a half years I have been with various acts in central Vermont, including a super-progressive trio (My Rationale), various forms of a classic rock group (that has changed both band names and line ups numerous times), and an acoustic duo (yes, I play a little guitar too).

As a drummer I've been playing for close to 7 years now. I have an absolutely massive Pearl EXR kit with Zildjian cymbals. When I say massive, I mean it. Single bass, but seven toms, dual snares, 4 crashes, 3 splashes, 2 chinas, 2 high hats...an array of auxilliary junk (cowbells, including a foot mounted one, woodblocks, triangle, bell cymbal...)

And my music style...well. I'm really flexible. I love progressive rock. Rush, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Spock's Beard, Marillion, Porupine Tree...But that said, I love being able to chill and play some easy 4/4 grooves too. So as long as it's rocking (Influences of jazz, metal, blues...all awesome) I'm down.

As for the musicians I hoping to find...who knows really. Maybe you're already in a group that needs a drummer, maybe you're looking to start something new and can be another piece in this musical puzzle. In Vermont, I know a million guitarists/bassists but hardly any keyboardists or rock singers...hopefully the pool is deeper towards D.C.

So if you're late high school-early college age and are proficient at your intrument...and in the D.C area, looking to rock...

I want to meet you. And some rocking will definitely go down.

-Erik Schmokel