Starting from the 1st of each month there is a competition run online called "11 Second Club". This is a competition where animators are given an 11 second sound clip, and the task of producing a scenario that fits it. It can be as simple as a character talking to some people around him, or some action driven plot, it's up to you.

So, I thought I'd see who on UG would be interested in participating in this. There are character rigs available to anyone who wished to enter, and if you have no software to use, then take a look at blender (It's a free download).

I should also point out, there is no requirement that you use computers to create the animation. Hand drawn animation is accepted just as willingly as 3d animation, so feel free to use any medium at your disposal.

The purpose of this thread is to sign up and develop your artistic talents, and show works in progress to your fellow members.

An example of the kind of work that is produced can be found here

Matt, I've already signed you up!