here's a list of possible mods for guitars:
killswitch, phase switch, series/parellel, coil split, coil tap, better tuners, better pickups, better hardware, tremolo bar/whammy, mid boost circuit...
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3-band EQ - Find a schematic for a 3-band EQ (or more bands for that matter), and position it between the output jack and volume pot lug 2/3-way switch (in other words for Strat or Les Paul)
Pedals built-in - Same procedure as above
Fret scalloping, refretting, super-7 switching, 3 mini-toggles on a Strat, refinishing, ebonizing fretboard, nut replacement, fretboard/pickguard LED's, built-in speaker, dual output jacks, cable mounted in guitar, piezo pickups, etc.
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