i got a new electric guitar in feb. and i have to get the truss rod adjusted for a second time because there is fret buzz. is it this common for a guitar? i figured it should be in top shape considering it was never used by anyone but me before. it's a tele too so it's not like the guitar is total crap. does fret buzz happen a lot on electrics or should i just deal with it or what?

question 2... the screw on the butt end of the guitar does not stay in the hole anymore and it won't support the strap and i have not been jumping around or anything like that. is this common for a new guitar?

no.. neither of those should happen to a new guitar.. even on my crap strat copy the neck stayed straight (even now 2 years later) and the strap holds... you got own3d
i had to get my truss rod adjusted but i think that was a mistake because i took it to a tech to see and make sure everything was right and it was worth it and i think he screwed the truss rod up and then i took it to guitar center and the manager refixed it and now its awesome.
so its possible that there can be a truss rod problem. if you do it right its not serious.
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fret buzz can be relieved by adjusting the truss rod or the bridge. depends which is needed.
both cases it's normal.

sometimes a peg gets loose. you can have it fixed or you can jam toothpicks and glue into the hole and screw the screw back in.

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What kind of guitar is it?

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I dunno about the truss rod but for the peg just shove a toothpick in the screw hole, break it off so it's flush then just drill the screw and peg back into there. All my pegs are held on with this
oh yeah to everyone that replied thanks for the help. i guess i'll get the rod adjusted and stock up on toothpicks
the strap peg thing is a fender thing, happens to J-basses, strats, all of them.