'Leviathans' Guide for this sort of thing:

1. Turn on the calculator. Notice the number '0' in a digital fashion? Excellent, you've powered it on.

2. Press '947574675607275647056274605746757612397556.6'

3. Rip off the buttons in which those numbers were pressed. You should have no buttons left, except the scientific keys.

4. Attempt to pleasure the calculator. Stroking chipsets seems to work, while playing slow, classical Jazz to it while making sweet love.

5. Piss inside the calculator.

6. Put the buttons back in, assuming you haven't lost them.

7. Power 'OFF' the calculator. THIS IS IMPORTANT, DON'T FORGET IT!

8. Throw it into the nearest 4-Way intersection.

9. Pick it up when Rush-Hour is over.

10. Power the calculator 'ON'.

11. The sum will have already been done for you.

Hope that helps!
x = cos theta * r
y = sin theta * r

put those two into your equation and enjoy

sin theta*cos theta = sin(2*theta)/2
if i'm not mistaken
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Oh I thought that was your answer to the question. I didn't bother using the trig identity. Either way I think my answer is still correct; can be rewritten as r=root ((4/(cos theta x sin theta). If you use your trig identity then you get r=root (8/sin2theta)