For the sake of the rules the actual title of this will be "An Excercise In Free Thought", and thats exactly what it is. I sat down and had a little fun. No structure no real organization. I'm posting it just how it came out because I think if I tryed to put it into stanzas it would take away from the whole thing. And here it is.

The clock doesnt really go tick tock tick. The sound time really makes is drip drip drip. If you've never been to Hell before this is it. The floor is kinda cold and it smells like ****. Sometimes people kinda just lose their head, and if you're one of the lucky ones you just end up dead. See this is my excercise in creative thinking. It's either this or I have to get in some creative drinking. How many of the chemicals can I miss together. Its all under the sink, make the water taste like leather. Lately I've started talking to myself, but don't worry its not crazy unless myself talks back. As if there was more then one of me ha ha. I got me, myself and I and this guy named Jack. Don't do drugs kids. Drugs are whack. Or at least don't show mommy cause you might get slapped. I like to play around with seven inch slugs. Deadly piece of metal thats my anti-drug. I'm bored as **** right now, but then I always am. My life's soundtrack is the drone of a ceiling fan. I know were supposed to keep moving but damn. Sometimes I feel like the little engine that just can't. Somehow I always mess up the ending. If everything happens for a reason thats a bad sign right? But whatever I can just keep pretending. I'm an actor playing an actor in some no name movie. It's called "I'm Practically Dying for Somebody to Shoot Me." Mmm can't you just taste the irony?
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