Alright so heres my story.

two years ago i met this girl at a camp and she was really cool. however it turned out she lived 10 hours away from me so i thought whatever. But we got talking and something really clicked between us. We both went back home and continued talking via facebook, IM, and phone calls and we got very very close.
Tensions rose between us at one point though and we didnt talk for a good month or two. Then one day she called me and we got everything back to the way it was and we both realized that we really wanted to be together but the distance didnt make it very possible.
Then this year, I got a chance to see her. I flew down and stayed at her house for just short of a week and while I won't go into specifics lets just say it was the best time of my life.
Leaving her there was the hardest thing to do and seeing her cry as I left tore me apart, but we still talk every night and decided we want to try to make things work because we both feel very strongly for eachother.
We are both going to college next year and will be 6 hours apart which in my opinion isnt that bad.

Heres the problem.

My mom is very opposed to a long distance relationship. I got completely bitched at for a good 20 min about it one night. Honestly I dont really care what she thinks about it but i wanted this girl to come up and stay here for a few days before we go off to college and I highly doubt my mom will allow that.

Has anyone been in a situation like this before? What did you do?

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oh, and relationship thread.
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