I use an agile al-2000,boss ds-1 and a Roland micro cube and both of them rock i love my al2000
but 4 some reason i cant a get a good distortion setting, the distortion i usually get is too muddy and cant rlly comprehend it i guess.

My cube amp settings
Gain:around 2 o'clock
tone:around 5 o'clock
volume 12 oclock
r-fier setting(without ds-1)
no effects

i figured id back off the tone a bit but all it did was make it sound even more muddy
i tried almost every setting i could think of

now with the ds-1 i got a decent setting for soad songs i play but for like punk and hard rock not as good i want a sound similar to this


what do u guys think is it the pickups?/amp/guitar?
It may be your amp. maybe change to a tube amp?
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cant afford i gotta pay 90% of my money towards my car
but that 10% i save can get me a 100-120$ amp
what do u think will give me a sound like that?
I'd say save up and buy a cheap tube amp.
If you search craigslist and ebay alot you might be able to find a used valveking 112 or something similar for around $200.
In the short term, you could buy a better distortion pedal, but that would just set you back on your way to the amp...
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200$ is gonna take me like 4 months probably lol
i dont feel like waiting that long, what about raven amps?
This might sound stupid but maybe your not using your bridge pickup. When I use my cube it never gets muddy it usually sounds a little bit on the trebly side. Although I do find on the classic stack channel that it does get muddy with higher gain. Thats why I stick with the Brit Stack and Rectifier settings for distortion.
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the problem could be there's no mid knob on the microcube. mids = clarity, so maybe get an eq pedal like the fish and chips or an mxr .
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