HI everyone, I just ordered in a crate v50 online and I didn't get a chance to try it out or anything because I don't live near a music store. So I was just wondering, will my dean razorback DB sound okay thorugh through the amp? and what tye of overdrive pedal would be good to boost my signal, and also, I was thinking about getting some emgs 81/85 set, are they that bad when playing cleaningly as I hear? I would also like some pickup suggestions that have high output but sound okay clean. Thanks
I take it if you have a Razorback you're playing metal? If you want to play metal, you've bought the wrong amp. For classic rock and blues though, it will work great with an OD or maybe just with with EMGs.
I spent some time with one yesterday. I liked it enough to buy it, but I ordered the v33 instead. What you heard about the cleans is wrong, I actually thought its cleans were its strong point. The amp is very bassy and the overdrive is dark. It does cleans, blues and classic rock all just fine.
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Really? When i was reading about it, people said it was a rather high gain amp.

Ah, I confused it with the Palomino. Honestly, I don't know a lot about those.