So i'm considering buying a fairly expensive guitar off of ebay and i'm wondering if i should and if its safe since everyone is talking about credit stealing and account fraud. I'm wondering of this


looks legit enought to trust. I mean it does and the comments look good, but i'm tryin to make sure if i should go through with this. So i'm wondering if you guys have bought guitars off of ebay and if this is any good
don't get that s**t... you could get a legit namebrand guitar like a jackson or Ibanez like that model for less... its made in Japan! don't waste your money...
It's located in Japan so if you do get scammed then it would be harder for you to get your money back (unless you live in Japan) than if the seller's in the same country as you are. Paypal claims to protect you up to $2000 but that's going to be the biggest headache in the world.
Hey man I've bought all my guitars off ebay never had a problem. I'm always very careful thou... you know chekc the feedback, check if theres known fakes floating around of that particular guitar (eg NEVER by a JEM7VWH off ebay or a shure sm58 Mic), contact the seller see what he has to say about the condition etc etc. once that all checks out I go ahead and purchase. oh and I always get postal insurance for peice of mind and use paypal... so coolies go ahead and buy a way friend before I snap that up I need something with a whammy bar....
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I say go for it, especially if you use paypal.

I've gotten guitars from ebay before and the only caution should be making sure a guitar isn't fake. It looks fine and it's not a popular model to copy so you should be fine.

P.S. Most fake guitars on ebay are from China. I'm not saying they're all fake, but it's good to be careful
word thanks. well then i have another question. is the ltd version of that guitar that much different than the edwards, cos ive heard that the edwards sound better since they are japanese made. Is the hassel even worth it for the difference?