The mic is a vocal mic but it is all I have for now other than my laptop mic and a Logitech headset. There are some weird sounds coming from the bass notes but I think that that is because the mic is too close to the guitar or otherwise in some bad position. Any suggestions about this would be appreciated. It sounds like if you play a note and don't hold it down very hard and it kind of buzzes but if you listen to the last note, for example, you can hear it sustaining despite the buzzing so I definitely think the buzzing is from the recording and not really from my playing.

I am not trained as a classical guitar player but I like Genesis and just figured out how to record sound and video so I put this up.

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Thats awesom man! Can't say I've heard the song though...

Makes me want to get good at finger picking!
Nice beaver.

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Beautiful man! Seriously. I can't really say anything, since I didn't find any flaws .
Great job.