Hi I've been playing just over a year and this is my first recorded song. I'm fairly proud of it.
I would like constructive criticism please, I plan to add bass and drums later but I have to use digital drums so it is very time consuming to add them, and bass would only be root notes as I don't play bass so I will have someone else add better bass line later.

Please critique for what it is though. Thank you.

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Hey man, i remember my first song after a year of play, and it sounds nearly identicle, dont believe me ill upload one lol

what u need to work on is the timing of some little things were it just drops out a fraction and your forced to catch up for the rest of bar

That was mainly the one thing i feel you should focus on but none the less

the themes of the song is very normal, meaning straight forward
were rhythm section followed by lead then etc etc

but ocne again its ur first song so keep it up every one comes along the more songs that they right