Okay, I've got a problem. Nothing major, but its bugging me.

I'm not a clean freak, but my hands look absolutely disgusting. I've been doing a lot of woodwork (with walnut) and its turned my hands brown.

I've used every soap I can find and washed them over and over again. We have this heavy duty soap with pumice ground up in it, and even that won't cut it.

Any suggestions on how to get my hands clean?
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bleach, and no im not messing with you, take some bleach and dilute it in water then wash your hands in that, then completely rinse them with water.
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all i can appropriately think of is a good, semi-rough cloth with a lot of soap on it, and scrub
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Get your family to help too
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usually lanolin based hand cleaners work well, but if they dont, take solace in this...

years ago, my friend's cousin used to work at a truckstop at the border of California and Arizona (i believe) and one of the border requirements is that you'd have to wash the truck before it crossed the border. so his job was to wash the trucks of their caked on oil and dirt. even after he had quit, his hands were literally blackened from all of the dirt and oil, and he tried everything including said lanolin based hand cleaners, but the black was literally layers deep under the skin. he couldn't do anything, and the black didn't come out until that layer of skin died and got pushed to the top, which was something along the lines of a few weeks...

so yeah, good luck!
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Well, I have this stuff called fast orange

heres the description from lowes website

Large gallon shop size pump bottle in pumice lotion formula

A fresh smelling , citrus based hand cleaner that cleans naturally

Removes the toughest dirt, grease, grime, soils, resin, printer's ink, paint and glue and tile cements

Fast Orange contains premium skin conditioners including lanolin, aloe, vera, glycerin, and jojoba to soothe raw rough hands

So unless the bleach works for me I may be stuck with dirty hands for a while....
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I once told a Metallica fan I liked Megadeth, and he stabbed me 42 times.
You could try the acid truck mechanics use to clean their tools, or you could wait. It should come off with repeated washings/time.

my dad uses that stuff for grease and stuff, probably works.
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Made me remember the time I tried to wash my skateboard wheels with clorox (my friend told me it would make them faster, didn't work). One year later, they still smell like clorox.
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