Heyyyy Ug I have a few problems to address here.

1. I have a Fender Jaguar HH and I love it but the amount of feedback it gets on high volumes is just unacceptable.

Even when my noisegate was working properly (it stopped working correctly less than a month after I bought it ) it was still pretty bad.

Soooo then what would UG say is most the likely source of this problem?

Would it have anything to do with the pickups?

2. Regardless, I am planning on replacing the pickups eventually so what would be a good choice?

I mainly play a mixture of Progressive, Ambient, and Indie rock.

Here are some bands that have a sound similar to what I am aiming for (I've marked those that are a bigger influence)-
- The Mars Volta *
- The Sound of Animals Fighting *
- Isis
- Muse *
- Bloc Party
- These Arms Are Snakes *
- Portugal. The man
- Radiohead *
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Because you are in Seattle you should check out lollar and wolfetone. They are local to you and their pickups are very nice. They should be able to advise you on exactly what you need.
how close are you to the amp when u get the feedback?
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Are you sure it's feedback? Just move away from your amp a little bit...
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Yer stand back a bit.
It could be something other than the pickups aswell maybe the amp.
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Thanks but trust me haha it's definitely the guitar.

I am constantly switching back and forth between the Jaguar and my SG Classic and even at the same distance at the same volume with the same amp the SG gets very little feedback.

Could the pickups actually be the source of the problem or would it be something else?
No really. Move away from your amp. The feedback will stop. If it doesn't, then it isn't feedback...
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Maybe a grounding issue?

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They may have gone microphonic and need to be re-potted.

haha could someone please translate this please??

Though I have been playing for about 3 and a half years I am still VERY new to the actual insides of the electric guitar.

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No really. Move away from your amp. The feedback will stop. If it doesn't, then it isn't feedback...

Ohh ok so there is a chance it could be something else...

It has been about 2 weeks since I have used it in a jam session but if I remember correctly then it did behave similarly to any other feedback I have experienced.

If it is not feedback then what else could the noise be?
It's going to sound odd, but plug your guitar in, turn the gain up a fair amount (where you usually have it should be good) and kinda yell into your pickups. If you can hear yourself through the amp, your pickups are microphonic and replacing them or repotting them (dipping them in melted wax, basically) will help.

Even if they're not microphonic, you'll get more feedback than you usually do if you play loud in an echo-y enclosed space (a bedroom, a garage, ect...) than you will in a more open room or outside.
I guess that makes sense but at the same time it is kind of confusing...

I learned of that yelling trick a few years back and while I don't know that I have tried it on my Jaguar I have actually used it a lot on my SG where the effect is fairly strong.

like I said earlier that guitar gets very little feedback even though from what you said,
the exact opposite should be true...
probably a grounding issue,
and for the pickups i suggest talking to CorduroyEW
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And this feedback, you're having this problem when playing?

Or when you're just standing around not doing anything?

It is always kind of there...

If I play something then the noise is remedied but it returns shortly after I stop.

By the way,
the idea has been tossed around a few times but I still have no clue what it means haha what is a "grounding issue"?