Just wondering what i should get next... my equipment currently consists of a boss ds1, a epiphone g400 andaCrate Xt15R amp. I want to get a better distorted sound... would a boss sd-1 be a good investment? i have heard that you can get pretty good distorted tones with both combined together... if possible can anybody upload a sound sample of the two (unmodded) combined together?
If I were you I'd look outside of the Boss pedals. There's a lot better stuff out there.
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...andaCrate Xt15R amp. I want to get a better distorted sound...

I think you may be avoiding the obvious problem here.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM
alright. so based on my living conditions, if i were to get an amp, it can't be too big. what kind of amp should i get so i can improve my tone? Does the "bigger is better" theory apply here cause i was thinkin about getting a pretty simple 5w tube amp just for starters or should i go a step beyong and buy something better?
well, bigger is not necicerrily always better...

I think for your purposes, a Laney VC15 and a fulltone ocd would work preety good...
Well, you could on low low volumes, but there's no clean headroom at 5w, so turning it up would only lead to the natural overdrive kicking in.

If you can, maybe check out an Epi Valve Junior, or like, a Fender Superchamp XD.
To be perfectly honest (and possibly heretical according to some here on UG) you may not even need a tube amp, but you should seriously consider investing in something that is a substantial upgrade over your current amp. The Vox Valvetronix amps are excellent entry level amps that sound "pretty good" and will give you a high degree of versatility over most entry level tube amps. Of course you shouldn't rule them out either: the V18 from Crate sounds outstanding, all things considered, and runs slightly over $300.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM