Lately i've been really wanting to get into fingerstyle. I was just wondering what would be good for me to start practicing. I've been playing for almost 5 years now, so i'm not completely new to guitar, just finger picking/fingerstyle stuff.
I am trying to figure this out by ear but i figured i should start off with something a little easier to build finger independence.


So i'm sorry if this seems scattered but some advice would be very much appreciated.
learn to read music so that you can play classical peices without having to go through the trouble of finding tabs
Definitely learn some easier pieces first, haha. try learning something easy first like Blackbird by the beatles.
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I can read music already.

And captivate i figured i would have to start easier haha. I really just want to get into like Andy Mckee's Rylynn and of course the thing i posted. I'll start on blackbird.

Are there any more like exercises that i should work on too?

Thanks for all the help so quickly.

Edit: Also could someone tell me what that guy has on his fingers in the video i posted? I'm assuming some sort of finger pick?
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He could have pretty long fingernails, lots of fingerpickers grow them out and file them.
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All your base are belong to us.
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If your just starting out and haven't learnt bad habits yet. Stick to strict classical style and method. Meaning using all three fingers plus thumb, Thumb outside of your other fingers and not inside or underneath [stiff and straight out to the side of other 3 fingers] where it gets in the way in difficult pieces. Also don't use your pinky resting on the sound-board. Feels very awkward at first but down the track you'll never regret it. Get it wrong from habit and you will never be able to go back and get it right. Practice scales and arpeggios and learn the 'rest' stroke to bring out melody. Google classical method. From there you can use the method on steel strings with heaps of advantage.
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It looks like he has a certain type of fingerpick. I believe jimtaka has linked to their website before, they're pretty cool looking, though I can't speak to their credibility. Fingerpicks are for the birds

What that guy is playing is actually pretty easy, it sounds like it could just be an on-the-spot improvisational piece.

Try to figure it out!

It may be hard, but it will most certainly be worth it.
My God, it's full of stars!
Thanks again for all the help guys.

I've learned blackbird and great heights. I play a lot of john mayer and delta blues so i guess i have a little bit of independence. I've decided now i want to just sell my electric guitars and amps. haha. Fingerstyle is way too much fun.

But i guess now i'll try to tackle that song. Thanks again for all the help guys. if there are any more songs i should try let me know =D

...How I got started, was moving barr chords around the neck, and working on my timing.

...Then I started working on some melodies...

...Of course, I wouldn't say I'm a very good fingerpicker.
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