So I am trying to write a song for a band I just joined. First time in a band and first time trying to write a serious complete song. I am just looking for some comments on the structure of the song and the way the parts transition and feel. Am I in the right direction?

Note: Song isnt done yet. I want to take it into a non generic direction to mix things up a little. I don't mean technical, just a bit more progressive.
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I think that's pretty sick although personally I'd prefer a guitar solo instead of the clean part.
Your definitely going in the right direction. Though, the song itself isn't really that memorable IMO and I feel a guitar solo would have helped. Right now I would give it a 7/10.
yeah its not done lol, im going to add more, but just wondering how it is with what ive got so far =) I'll probably let the other guitarist do the soloing as i don't think im good enough to make a good one yet.
Wow that was pretty nice my friend
alot better than other stuff I see here being passed around as melodic death

I really liked the drums in some parts -namely the intro riff- it gave it this really nice feeling
the acoustic part fits nicely but yeah some more memorable lines would be nice

that last riff on like measure 119-120 is not good

I really liked the weird intricate sound of some of the riffs -well namely chorus and the intro riff-

its a melody/sound/feeling I dont hear too often and usually when people put melodeath they just throw some chord riffs and leads around it gets pretty boring

though some leads here wouldnt be bad given you actually have some good riffs

still I fricken love the intro riff haha

Thanks so much Nosferatu. I think the Verse riff is kinda of power metalish, which I dont want. But i can hear good vocal lines over that riff in my head. I'm not sure if I'll keep the acoustic part. I just want to add a bit of variation to the song to see what it would sound like. I'm going to try to think of a few more riffs. One for a nice solo, and one just to mix things up a bit. I'm not a fan of traditional song structures, like Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus 2x, Outro. So I will see what I can come up with.

The very last riff thats separedt form the rest of the song was just an idea I came up with and didnt want to forget so I moved it down the song lol. I used almost an identical riff at the end of the acoustic section.