I'm planning on buying a 7 string soon, and I'm planning on tuning it pretty low. I dunno what exactly... but I want the first 6 strings to be tuned at like a C sharp standard, and then have the 7th string act as a dropped tuned string, but I dunno what note that'll end up being, but I'm pretty sure it's low haha. So I was wondering what a good gauge size would be. I was hoping I could get like 13-60, but I don't see that anywhere on musicians friend. So I dunno if I can even get that. But would something like 10-56 work well that low?

Right now I play a baritone 6 string, and use 13-56, I think, and that feels fine and I tune to Drop B flat.

I dunno, I'm a newb at 7 strings.
10 doesn't work well.. I know this.
Try 11 or 12 if you can.
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C# standard?
Hell, stevie ray vaughan used 13's at Eb standard tuning.
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