Just picked up my first ukulele today and been havin trouble tuning it, i have it tuned to gCEA but it feels like the nylon strings are way too loose and maybe an octave off,afraid of breakin a string cuz i wanna be playin tonight. any help is appreciated

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ukelele strings are insanely tighter than, lets say, guitar strings. i had the same problem, just kick it up an octave.
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I never tune things the way there sposed to. You get way trippier **** going on that way.
I use Nylgut [Italian] strings on my 1920's nylon 5 string banjo. They are much stiffer than nylon and have a sound somewhere between nylon and steel. They replicate the original gut string sound which were brighter than nylon and I think they make them for a Uke. They last forever too. I'd love to get them for a classical guitar but they don't make them.
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