Hey guys,

I was wondering what sojngs a beginner should base his first songs on, I know that blink 182, green day, etc. are not very good because all though simple they really only teach you power chords. So even though I'm a fan of them I think I should advoid for now in order not to sabotage my base of guitar. So I know classic rock has alot to offer when learning guitar so i was looking at songs like "The Hardest Button to Button", "Back in Black", and "Sunshine of Your Love". Am I on the right track? Feel free to pop in your suggestions.

ya, dont try the solo on back in black though....wait...that reminds me, look at this:

learn whatever songs you want. Songs that are technically simple won't hurt you. If you like a Blink song and want to learn it, go for it. Just make sure you don't JUST learn blink. Diversify.
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As much as I hate this music, if it's what you like, that's what you should play. Just try to stay opened, and play other styles as well. Your musical influences will probably evolve after times too, so that makes you practice different things, without forgetting what you already learned.

But you should play what you prefer most of the time, or you won't enjoy it. Just remember to keep challenging yourself. Don't just play easy songs you can play perfectly. Why restrain yourself to power chords when you can learn faster solos, sweeping and all that cool world.
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