sound good with drop tuning?
im not talking about like drop A. just maybe drop b or c

i just bought a esp ltd amber sunburst ec-1000. i havent gotten it yet. and i just want to know before hand
For B, get 12's. For C, 10's can be okay but I recommend 11's. Specifically 11-50.

As for the pups, they should be fine.
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thats what i was thinking. but i havent had semour duncans before.
so i was just making sure, haha because i need my as blood runs black to sound awesome
The JB has poor low end responce. I wouldn't recomend it for drop tuning. If you want to drop tune and have high output pickups then you should get pickups that use ceramic or neodymium magnets.
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Drop Sonic would be better.
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