i found an epi lp standard at a pawn shop for $215. there are some dings in the body, and there are some cracks int he finish, but that is all cosmetic. there is also this crack in the neck heel, but i am not sure if it is in the wood or the finish. is there any way i could check it? im going back tomorow to maybe buy it, but before i do that im going to play the crap out of it to make sure its good and im gonna try to talk the price even lower. so along with the crack near the neck heel, what should i say to lower the price? on of the knobs has a pice broken off (not the pot) and the strings are shot. other than that what could i do?
As long as the guys not a guitar whiz, just point out random parts and throw part names out, i.e "Oh, the bridge is rusted here, that means strings break easier". My friend does this alot and most of the time the clerk is like "lol, k".