First off this is NOT the actual recording. Everything (except solos) is being played by Guitar Pro and the solos you hear will not be on the final take, I just made them in a rush to fill in the gap between now and the actual recording and the final ones will be much better.

I will crit songs for anyone who gives useful advise on how to improve the song. I'm about to go to sleep right now so I'll fulfill karma tomorrow.

First off: the solo tone needs ALOT of work!!!!! The bass solo tone is fine. But the guitar solo tone sounds like it's got the tone knob rolled off to much, either that or switch to a bridge pickup with the gain turned up. Woman tone doesn't work here lol.
Actual song is kinda cool, even if it isn't real instruments atm. It could work cool as am action movie soundtrack lol. It's like dance-metal!