All this summer I was living in a duplex. The reason that I was living there was so that my friend who went home for the summer didn't lose the place or have to pay all the rent while he wasn't living there. So me and a couple of people who I thought were my friends moved in with me. The landlord was cool with this. Well it turned out that my one roommate wanted to have a party all the time. Which was cool with me. But, the house would get trashed and I was always stuck cleaning up. One of the times, when I was out of town, they threw a party. Some how the garage door got messed up. When we moved out the landlord saw the garage and was pissed. He said that the wires that pulled up the garage looked cut. He know wants to sue us I guess. It is just a real f***** situation since I wasn't even there when it happened. He was also pissed that my roommates left the place a complete mess. I was the only one to completely clean my floor. It just feels like I am in a complete s****y situation. Any advice?
Claim that you weren't there, obviously because you weren't. If you weren't involved you shouldn't have to be charged.
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Sounds like you need less ****ty friends. The landlord probably won't like the "I wasn't even there" thing much either.
and kill your "friends"
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They are responsible for the broken door, have him sue them.
This seperates friends from non-friends.

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man up- take some responsibilities

sue the d-bag back
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Exactly. The shady thing is the landlord hasn't contacted us about it. He has gone through the guy that lived there during the school year. I told him to have him contact me and I would talk to him especially about fixing it. It's something that I could most likely fix because it is just the pulley cable. I have really re-evaluated the people I am friends with after this.
You could try to prove that they broke it while you were out but he may not care who did it but he does want it fixed. So I advise to do sick and twisted things to your friends untill they pay for it. You should videotape it and make them watch.
No, no, no.......
Just offer to fix the d*** door and maybe thee situation would resolve itself...obviously it sounds like you were in charge so you should take the blame even though you were'n't part of the direct problem....and your so called "friends" aren't really your true friends cause they didn't back you up in the first place.......
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I am trying to do that, if I can get a hold of him. I have no problem having to pay for it, believe me. I just want it done. The only reason I think he would want to sue is because he said that it looks like someone cut it. But, still it is only less than $100 to fix.
He obviously looks like he wants an excuse to sue you for no reason though......that sucks
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I once went in to a public restroom and George Michael approached me for sex. True Story.
Yeah. I am just hoping I can talk to him and figure this thing out tomorrow. I think that if him and I were to sit down, we could just work it out. Instead of just irrationally threatening to sue without talking to any of us.
I have no tried getting ahold of him. No answer or call back yet. It's about all i can do at this point.
Thats why I don't have alot of roommates anymore. Just one friend and he is a nerd and will clean up if I yell at him.
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Just fix up what was broken and clean the house. That should satisfy the landlord...

I had friends in a similar situation and they just offered to fix everything up and all was find. That is most likely all the landlord wants.
I know, the house is completely spotless. We cleaned it last night. For some reason the people who are moving in after us were already moving in. We had been told originally to be out on Aug. 1st but somehow that changed. The people that were moving in just followed us everywhere. It was really weird. I don't know if fixing the garage door is an option. Especially since we were told to leave the keys so now we can't get in if we tried.