It seems like so long ago when i bought my first guitar...a First Act from wally world..I loved and learned on it...

Then along came my custom Fender strat and i realized the First Act SUCKED.

Anyways a few days ago I was talkin to one of my friends i had lost contact with and i remembered he had my old guitar. Well..needless to say its still a piece of *insert vulgar language here*.

So being as crappy as it is and my being bored ive decided that im gonna fix it up a little bit.

Strip out ALL the old electronics
Strip the paint
New Paint Job*im thinkin tribal or celtic, any color ideas?*
Routing the body for a humbucker
New Neck gonna put the order out soon
New tuners*Schaller Locking tuners*
New pickup*EMG 81, would put a blackout in it but it would take the tone of the crappy wood*
New wicked pickguard
And some good ole straplocks

So any questions? Or any ideas cause im just doing this outta boredom so any ideas are completely welcome
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I was actually thinking of doing this, my cousin has a first act I might try to get off him, only problem is I'm in jersey, he's in Colorado. I only have an acoustic so I figured it would be good to try to make something out of this.
You can probably buy one off ebay for like $10 lol. If i actually liked the guitar I wouldnt do as much but i dont so i am =D

Boredom+Old Guitar=Cool New Guitar? =P We'll find out
Seriously, I'd have a think about how it's going to turn out!!

If you are talking about getting a new neck, and replacing pretty much everything else, why not buy a good quality body and assemble a decent guitar? Bodies can be sourced quite cheaply.

If you get a really good finish on it, you'll be gutted if it comes out crap because it's all built around a cheap body (and you have some nice sounding ideas!) - I know this because I built a Saga kit, and I did a lovely job of the finish, but the guitar was pretty poor, although it did prompt me to by a proper Telecaster, which was the best guitar related decision I ever made! The Saga has gone now.
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Yeah I know and I thought about that.. Which is why I decided on the EMG 81 Pickup. In all honesty I really DO NOT care all that much for EMG pickups because they dont really use the tone of your wood, therefore if you have a crappy guitar and put an EMG in it it'll sound pretty good on metal but take a passive pickup that actually use the woods tone and it sounds like crap. If it was a good guitar I would put a Seymour Duncan in there but even the active Blackout actually uses the woods tone so for this project im sticking with the EMG on the this one.
Ok so i found a couple Ibanez humbuckers in my room today while i was cleaning and im gonna use one until i have the cash for the EMG. Does anyone know which pot i need for the Ibanez? Cause im gonna order one but i need to know which one. And im also ordering the pickguard from guitarfetish.com.

Future pickguard:

Yeah thats what i thought but the owner of our local shop said somethin about a 250k and i was just makin sure.
And tonight my friend is makin the Celtic design and my friends bringin the guitar over so i should be able to post pics soon
Active pickups use like 25K pots. Not 250k or 500k.
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I know that the active pickups use 25k pots which they come with, but in my earlier post i said im using an ibanez pickup till i have the cash for my EMG so asked which pot to use for the Ibanez pickup
Man, I just did a bunch of that to my first guitar, an old Gibson Sonex. Let me tell you, it was worth every bit of effort and money. I dropped a SD AHB-2 Metal in the bridge and an EMG 89 (coil tapped 85) in the neck and this thing is a monster. It's my daily driver now. If you play metal, definitely get the AHB-2.

It's great to have a beater that screams. Have fun with it.
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while yr at it you might as well replace the body and the wood too.

then what would be the point of the First Act guitar?
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Quote by noisefarmer
while yr at it you might as well replace the body and the wood too.

Learning English would help too.
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