If you had £300-350 to spend on a guitar for rock/ metal, What would you get?

More specifics help do you intend on shredding with some steve vai or just playing some powerchords, what body wood do you want, what body style is prefered do you want a trem (fr or vintage style)
well yea i would like to have a tremelo and i play stuff like bullet for my valentine, metallica,

Washburn X50 Pro FE, flamed maple, active EMG's, string-thru
Or you could get X50 Pro, quilted maple, seymour duncans.

If you need a tremolo look at something like Ibanez S470.
Finding a decent guitar in your price range with a good trem isnt too easy (if your looking for floyd style trems).

http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/ibanez-rg-1570/7050 (find one used if you cant afford it)

http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/74671 (no trem but considered a great guitar for the money)

or you coulod go for the more classic
Jackson DXMG Dinky
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S series Ibanez.

I love the S Series. Try them out.

If not, look at Jackson.
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well the best one (personally) so far its the jackson dinky dxmg, i dont really like the look of the ibanez s series or the washburn's.

please carry on recomending.
^ just be careful, at your budget, that you don't buy a worse guitar which looks better. the jackson should be alright (though i'd prefer the washburn).
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