Anyone on UG have asthma? Its in my family, and the last few days, I've been short of breath when excersizing, and had some back pains associated with breathing in short stints. If you have it can you tell me what is was like when you developed it? I'm paranoid now, because my breathing has been far from normal, thanks.
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I have it and yes i get short of breath easy. maybe see a doctor if you're worried and even if you do have it the shortness of breath is easily controlled with a pulmacourt (however the hell you spell it). Asthma attacks suck though oh yer ive had it since birth so it didn't really develop?
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yeah, ive got it, its not as bad as it was when i was young, never had an attack or anything luckily, but it sucks to have to carry an inhaler around with me.
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Yeah, i have asthma to. I have had it from birth as well, but it isnt as bad as it used to be now. You will probably find something is triggering it such as pollen or dust mites but yeah if your worried about it like slafoo said, id probably see a doctor.
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The asthma that plagues me was introduced into my life at the same time as my eczema. Sucks...
Holy ****! I always thought it was spelled 'astma'

And yeah, I've got a friend who has it and actually he smokes way too much for his own good.
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I had worse asthma when I was little but now it's not so bad. It might go eventually but some people are stuck with it i.e. My Uncle, I do believe.
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i've had it since birth and when i almost suffocated the nurse said i had tuberculosis (however it's spelt)
but yh, sucks to carry an inhaler everywhere
I've had it from birth too, it's okay, I often forget to use my inhaler regulary, but to be quite honest i don't give a toss
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I got also the asthma eczema thingy. When i was small i used to go to some sort of asthma camp, i never liked it there. The kids where annoying and irritating. So i went on to do waterpolo as a substitute wich was cool.
I got this regular inhaler named Seretide wich i have to take twice a day (morning and evening) i just do it when i brush my theeth so.

Then i got Ventolin for when i get short of breath. Haven't used it in more then a year.
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I grew out of it luckily, although wen I have a cold I have to take becotide twice a day
I got it mildly. Just take Ventolin like 15 minutes before you exercise.
It's never really been a big problem for me, which is lucky, but if you're worried, see a doctor.

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