Hey guys, im in the orchestra for the grease production at my High School. I'm finding it a learning curve with chords, but there nothing to serious in there, and its ALL really similar hey.

BUT, im bundled in with two other guitarists in the ryhtm section (the whole "orchestra is basically bass drums guitar and tenors - but some other stuff to fill it out) and they are both pretty much awesome compared to me. But I might be taking a little solo for some of the songs, and although all I need is some pretty basic pentatonic licks and extensions, I dont wanna sound crap. I am OK for speed, but I wouldnt call my self fast. I was just wonderin if you guys know any really classic cliche licks for the kinda grease lightning kinda solo.... I know a few already, but your input is greatly appreciated.

So, either link it up or tab it pleas in your response...whatever.
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I actually played in Grease last year and wrote a solo for Greased Lightning
I find that pentatonic and blues scales in C sound good.

Don't put any tapping in it like I did.


That's pretty much what I used. Don't forget the EPIC bends
Don't put too many notes in and use decent vibrato
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