K this may sound kinda stupid.. But i can't seem to get my pinch harmonics to squel as clear and long as the guys from Killswitch, i can find the right note for example like on their cover of Holy Diver at around 0:21 but i cant make it sound like that lol.. I know how to do pinch harmonics, i can play songs by Black Label like "suffering overdue" and can make those ones come out clean and good.. But i just can't get the kind like the guys in Killswitch can get and its been bothering me for about the past month.. So if anyone can help it would be awsome
I think it's two guitars both doing pinch harmonics in the form of a chord. So they're playing different notes.
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Its either that, or its their gear..i have the same problem i can get everything to sound EXACTLY the same..just can't do that squeal like they do.

This goes either in the Killswitch Engage thread in the Hardcore forum or in the guitar & bass basics forum.
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