Warwick Sweet 15.2, its seriously awesome.
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Looks good.. Would it work well for the kind of tone I'm going for? How does it compare with the 2 i mentioned?
are you going to be playing with drums or anything?

or will you just be practising at home?
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Warwick Sweet 15.2, its seriously awesome.


my sweet 15.1 kicks arse (same amp, mine has parametric EQ, his has Graphic)
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If you can afford £289, I'd recommend getting the RB-6's big brother the RB-8.
300 watts of power + 7 band graphic eq.
If not, I would personally go for the Laney, i tried an Ashdown mag as well and i preferred the Laney sound. But then again, I'd recommend trying any amp before buying it too.
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