Hi Guys,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify an Ibanez RG I have. Hopefully the pictures I've attached will help as I'm not an expert on Ibanez guitars but here is what I do know:

- Pickups are V8 at bridge, S1 in the middle, but the neck pickup doesn't have anything written on it.
- Tremolo is licensed Floyd Rose
- All it says on the headstock is Ibanez RG series, I've opened the tremolo cavity and can't find any means to identify it here.
- The serial number starts F01, which I take it means it was made in the Fiji factory in 2001.
-The fret markers are what I believe they call the "shark fin" shape.

Beyond this I don't know anything about it. Can anyone be of assistance?
Ibanez guitar.jpg
Ibanez neck.jpg
RG1570? but not so sure, different fret markers, different colours...but right pickups

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I think...

Ibanez RG570DX.

Looks like a Lo-Pro trem, and DX suggests Sharkfin inlays.
Brilliant! Thanks for the help everyone. I'm amazed it isn't written on the guitar somewhere but at least now the mystery is solved.
Quote by Mwoit
I think...

Ibanez RG570DX.

Looks like a Lo-Pro trem, and DX suggests Sharkfin inlays.

that's what i'd go for, but better pics would help. EDIT: or EX
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