Slash USA Standard Les Paul. One of 1600. Great guitar and you already know all you need to about it. Slash's signature figured neck which I find is perfectly in between a fat 50's neck and a slim 60's neck. Amazing top and color unique to this guitar series. The pickups just scream! This is the guitar you want to sound like Slash. Comes with the coolest case I have ever seen and all of the case candy as well as a certificate of authenticity from Gibson. This guitar has only been handled a few times and never played out.

Looking for £1700 Cash in Hand - collection from the Newcastle/Durham Area.
I'm not interested in buying, but why are you selling it? I'm just curious, because it looks like an awesome guitar.
how is that in USD? ship to US?
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Hell yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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hell yes, redneckrocker2, hell yes.
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how is that in USD? ship to US?

tht would be at least $3400 lol. . . not even including shipping. these are great guitars.