ok so, at first i wasnt to thrilled with the sound that my new 5150 made..

but i think over the past week, my tonal ear is starting to take to it & i can see that although it may not have the sound of my Flextone..it does have a BETTER sound all-around but...

i still cant seem to get the tone i want out of it

ive heard you really need to push the tubes (of any tube amp) to get it's signature tone..

at most, my post will be at like 1.8/2

im thinking maybe 4.5 or 5 is neccessary

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Yeah like you wouldn't believe the difference it makes

You need it on like 5-7 to get somethin awesome out of it.

Otherwise u have a muddy farty sound. (thats with my bugera 333xl anyway)

With my other guitarists 6505+, It had real balls on vol 4
Yes, you'll have to push it pretty hard. If your worried about volume invest in an attinuator. (wow i suck at spelling) You wont get the "full" sound of the amp because the speakers arnt moving as much as but at lest you'll be able to get full tube saturation at reasonable levels.
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Attenuators are an option, but they're pretty expensive. Weber makes good ones (and they're cheaper than others - at least I think they are), if you decide to get one.
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