Who is going? I am going with a few friends tomorrow. What bands is everyone looking forward to the most....for me, my top 3 would have to be Protest The Hero, Bring Me The Horizon, and All That Remains. Sky Eats Airplane will also be one of my top. One thing i was dissappointed about was the sever lack of mainstream music this year...but what are ya gonna do? So i am looking for some new bands this year.

So, Pit, tell me what bands youre looking forward to moshing with this year
All That Remains and Protest The Hero on the same tour? I hate Warped and all you people that get to go. I both despise and loathe you all. Because us Limey bastards don't get to see those bands on the same tour!
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I went today and it was so crazy and awesome.

protest the hero, say anything, beat union, some other random stuff.

Anyone else here go?
Bring Me The Horizon. Best live, ****ing band, ever. The screams, the sweeps, the blast drumming. You'll be blown away. My friend went to the Boston show and got me a PTH shirt signed by Rody and Luke.
Yeah, all the dudes in the band signed this sweaty shirt that I was wearing. I think I'm gonna spray some febreeze on it and frame it.
I went to the show in Toronto a few weeks ago and it was sick. Protest the Hero, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Reel Big Fish, need i say more?

They give you soo much free stuff as well. I ended up getting a few redbulls, a new razor, a free paintball game, pineapple express car freshener, t-shirts and such. All in all it was a really awesome day.
yea guys..yesterday was ****ing insane. I saw Alesana, All That Remains, Protest The Hero, The Devil Wears Prada, Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, Bring Me The Horizon, and a few more. All of them were completley insane...Warped is the best thing ever