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Driven Beyond Hate
3 38%
Draw The Line
2 25%
Erase The Fear
0 0%
Abandon All Hope
1 13%
Reserved For Hell
0 0%
Infernal Desire
1 13%
Shattered Mindset
0 0%
Broken Will
0 0%
Crying Shame
1 13%
Reason For Disbelief
0 0%
Voters: 8.
with beastybassist 94, and unfortunately, we couldnt fit all the names we camer up with into one poll, so heres the second ten (:

any ideas are appreciated also (:
crying shame would be a cool name... for a tears for fears cover band, haha
Quote by Cathbard
Quote by Raijouta
Unless its electronic drums.

You could mix two up, something like: All hope shattered, or Abandon all hate. But anyways, my vote might have to be, draw the line.