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About as funny as cancer.
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You can't prove that people DON'T walk on water. turn water into wine etc.

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that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

I'm not even gonna reply to this shit.

Ahhh f***.
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may i be the first to say, EPIC PHAIL
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This fails more than having piles so severe that you shit out your large intestine. Yep. Your LARGE intestine....
Just plain stupid dude.
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u got me

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your a sick young lady tbh
i don't even know why people still make chuck norris jokes
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people who think that the tuning peg things have to be straight. I went to the bathroom once, I come back, and my friend detunified my guitar, and then asked why it sounded weird. ARGG!!!

*insert generic harsh comment here*

I actually enjoyed that tbh.
Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live
Give me my 10 seconds back, you fool.
I would find more humour with Al Gore.
Quote by MoshPitRock
that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

Chuck Norris once walked down the street with a massive erection. There were no survivors.

Got on the bus with me daysavaaaa
That's definetely not tits on a whale.
I didn't read the paragraph.
I just laughed when I saw the Norris face with the wise men.

And, just agreeing with what someone said earlier; Chuck Norris jokes aren't funny anymore.
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wtf is k koo?


I honestly don't find anything funny about it. UG are just overly-pleased that they started a meme that 4chan didn't create before them, I think.
Got on the bus with me daysavaaaa
Every time I see a thread like this I picture ten or so people beating the crap out of a defenceless child
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TS name is nickkkk

Nick kkk?

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How about you don't insult my friend's dead mum, you prick.

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Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.
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TS name is nickkkk

Nick kkk?


what does that have to do with the price of fish?
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About as funny as cancer.

Same, i found it hilarious
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The trip would reach its climax when you came across a character filling a pool via fapping and attempting to drown innocent people in it

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I ran up and started screaming rape because I knew she would never cheat on me.
Is there any way I can un-read that?
"If you don't show it, I cannot grope it."

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.."
If that wasn't so really would have been funny.
Why look a man in the eye when you can shoot him in the back?

If you can't convince them; confuse them.

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I think anyone who hasn't cheated hasn't lived.
Chuck Norris jokes were never funny.
He sucks at doing roundhouse kicks, the form is terrible.
What you're referring to is the back roundhouse, which he doesn't do that well either.

Quote by nickkkk
wtf is k koo?

The meme was made like this.
A UG'er asked us can his parents give him crap for watching porn if he's old enough to watch it. And so K, koo was created like this.

"Johnny are you watching porn?!"
"I'm legally allowed to..."
"K koo..."
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I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...
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