I'm a big fan of the Strokes and has always wanted a distorted voice.

How do I make my voice distorted?

I was planning to buy a guitar distortion pedal and plug it into my mic, but i don't know what kind to buy.
Try a tremolo pedal hooked into the mic (or some such thing). Makes some craaazzzyyy stuff
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did anyone else watch martinezs videos
first one :sad and pathetic
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my sisters ex boyfriend used to sing like dave grohl on weenie beenie (off of foo fighters) without any effects. it was pretty cool.
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get a digitech death metal pedal, turn the treble all the way up and mids and bass all the way down and plug it into your mic and make sure to turn your amp all the way up. trust me it works all the time
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in my experience (which is limited to about 4-5 different distortion pedals) mics plugged into a distortion pedal dont work. they just make terrible squealing sounds. better off buying a vocal effects pedal. digitech do a decent one but i can't remember what it was called. it had an effect that made you sound like alan carr though.....
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