After getting myself a very nice American Deluxe Strat and updating my amps, I've decided to shift a load of old gear in order to get a decent secondary guitar. This is mainly because the other guitars I have are not gig worthy and I need a backup, and because I'd like a less expensive guitar that I can use as a "pick and play" instrument around the house.

From this following pic, I'm selling the VRS100, the Squire 7 String, the Zoom GFX3 and the Carlsbro Amp.

Vintage VRS100
In quite an iffy condition. The finish is all fine, but one of the fret board markers has come out. Sounds decent. Bought for £200.

Squire 7 String

I can't find out anything about this particular model, I've had it for about eight years and it seems to be a high end Squire, comparable to Fenders. I'm baffled how much it's worth though - any ideas? I got it for £400.

Carlsbro GLX50

A very nice 50 watt solid state amp. The overdrive channel is distgusting, but the clean channel is very nice. Great for cleans. Not really gig worthy, kind of lacking in volume. Bought for £250.

Zoom GFX3

Plenty of effects and options to tweak. But damn confusing, so I can't gig with it, and therefore have no need for it. I bought it for £150.

So UG, how much do you reckon I'll have to play with when these get shifted?
20 bucks?
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Vintage £50-£75 probably due to obvious damage

Squire - Somewhere between £250-£325 in a good sale, looks to be in great shape

Amp - £175-£200 if condition is near perfect

Pedal - Try to get somewhere around the region of £100-£120 with original packaging

So somewhere between £575-720 based on my pricing. Obviously you may be able to get more or less than what I think they would sell for
That's a new one, 7 string squire strat... I'd check ebay on all the equipment you have for a general idea of the price