Alright, so I have this cheap strat guitar kit guitar that i want to turn into a metal guitar. I just got an EMG pickup in the bridge, and im wondering what i should do next. The neck is bad, so im gonna definetely switch the nek at one point, Im gonna eventually switch the middle and neck pickups at one point, and im thinking about putting a floyd rose in. So if you could please give me suggestions on what to do next(and they dot have to be out of those three, you can give me some othe ones).
killswitch maybe coz its easy and just some other wiring stuff like coil tap or phase switch if you have a hunbucker(probly not in a t start)
if you are puttin a rose in make sure you get a neck with locking tuners
LP mod thingy

buy guitars please, need money for RGR420ex
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you could buy my emg 85 for the neck
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