Hey everyone, my band, The Uninspired just posted 2 brand skankin(..hah get it!!?!) new songs over at our bandspace www.myspace.com/theuninspired

oh yea, the songs called "No Plans, No Chance"

So itd be sweet if you went and listened to us, and be'd our friend, and maybe tell a friend or 3 about us if your super cool.
overall its ok, but dude....the ska guitar parts are just bad.
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This has a lot of potential. The drums and bass sound terrific together, as do the horns (they sound terrific). Your vocalist has a good voice. The thing that really detracts from the music is the ska guitar parts (as mentioned above). I don't know exactly what is wrong, because at some point they sound great and at other they sound terrible. If you got those parts tightened up and fixed up the rhythm I think everything wound sound a lot better.

The guitar part in "Steal Things" sound a lot better. I don't like how the tune slows down at points, but that's just me. Once again, the bass and horns sound excellent. I like the "na na na" part - very catchy.

"Dickhead" was just plain old disappointing - you can do better than that!

Overall, you've got some catchy tunes here and I really like what you've got going on. The only real thing I can recommend is getting that guitar part in "No Plans, No Chance" tightened up. You've got a lot of energy and manage to capture that really well in a recording, which is a difficult thing to do.

If you've got some spare time check out my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
i actually liked it a lot. sounds like a cross between streetlight and blink, 2 of my favorite bands. i actually enjoyed the guitar parts, i'm not sure what ^^^^ is talking about

edit: I even made No Plans, No Chance my myspace song
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thanks guys I will pass this thread on to our guitarist thats for the awesome critique. We're taking some time off from traveling to play some real local shows and release our first full length so we will deff. work on tightening up.

thanks again!

haha thanks wshnationals thats sick!
just to give everyone a little heads up our first full length is being released August 17th in physical form and released on iTunes shortly after.

But if you like our music feel free to hit us up on myspace and be friends with us or whatever.

would anyone else care to share their thoughts on us, our music, our classic good looks?
The ska guitar needs a lot of work. The tone is really thin and the strumming sounds really undefined when you're doing the fast stuff. Other then that well done.
damn, come to mount airy again. i wanna see you guys
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Excuse me sir, have you been thinking tonight?
Yo guys just letting you know we put up yet another song called 'Hey' from our new album "My Drinking Has a Band Problem" due out August 17.

Lemme know whatchu thinkin