Pro Tools M Powered 7 (250 dollar version)
M-Audio Fast Track Pro (200 Dollars)
and a 100 dollar Midi Player

Will this work well in a basically standard decent home PC? I'm really just using this stuff to record a lot of metal..so im hoping i can get good tones out of the built in interfaces in either m audio or pro tools. thanks.
i never had aproblem reconding with creap recording stuff so the things you have should work=), but my vista laptop doesn't like to do sound anymore it just stopped putting out sound and taking in sound thought the mic input=(
yea vista sent out an update which gave me MIDI problems in Sonar a while ago...
I had to reinstall Sonar just to get it all working again...
Anyways back to the original question

Yea the M-Audio setup will work however ProTools M-Powered isnt anything great IMO.

For $200 you can get a better interface IMO although it wont run with ProTools, (which isn't really needed in a home studio IMO). The Mackie Onyx Satellite is a firewire unit with good preamps and has a firewire connection. If you need USB, stick with 2.0 such as the EMU 0202 or 0404. The 0404 is the better choice and has MIDI on board unlike the Mackie which is a nice feature.

Cakewalk makes some lower end sequencers which are nice for the price, I would say try one of those.
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Which Cakewalk would you suggest? Also I need midi connectivity, as I plan on doing the drums and obv some synths on it. im trying to keep under a budget of 400 ideally (so 300 for interface+program). i want my sound quality as pristine as possible, which is why i even went with protools to begin with
Also is Traktion that comes with the onyx good enough for good recordings? I'm just 1 person, so simultaneous multitrack recording isnt really necessary for just me. if its good enough i might spend another 100 on an maudio audiophile for the midi connectivity and be good to go at a grand total of 400 with the midi player, just reaching my ideal price
Id stick with the 0404 interface and get Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio 6.


If you only need to track 2 mics at one time at most, stick with USB and save your money. Firewire is better when you track more inputs at once and want them unmixed.

I dont know anything about Traktion but im sure someone else here does and can chime in with some info on it. From the looks of screen shots, you would be happier with Sonar home studio. It's not very high in price and it has a ton of features.

The Mackie is nice but you would need to buy a USB midi controller or USB - MIDI cable for synth work. Personally I think if you can get the 0404 with on board MIDI that would work better.
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the 0404 doesnt seem to have 1/4" input directly?(correct me if im wrong im at work and multitasking :p ) im not micing my 6560/1960 slant cab just yet and with the mackie id plan on getting the audiophile which has a midi input anyways