I have a really crappy acoustic that has potential. It is mym only one, so i wanna get all i can out of it. I put Elixers on it, and they helped, but it is still bad. The action is really high, and when i tune it, the strings are really tight. What can i do to fix these problems. Truss Rod adjustment? File the bridge peice? Guide me please
If you are inexperienced id recommend going to your local guitar luthier, he can do things such as file down the nut, adjust the truss rod, and try to adjust the bridge which would really help. I mean you can try to do it yourself, but i would just take it to the luthier just this one time, and ask him how he did the job. Most of the time if your not a jerk and tell them that you would like to do these type of things in the future, they don't mind explaining to you how to do the job. You might be a bit pissed off now that you know how to do it and how much you paid for it. I'm by far no expert, but i'd also recommend this book if your interested in learning as well. This is the book my luthier recommended to me and has helped me out a few times. Guitar Player Repair Guide http://www.amazon.com/Guitar-Player-Repair-Guide-Erlewine/dp/0879302917