So I've been searching for some time and haven't been able to find a thread for my specific situation. I bought a brand new 2007 Les Paul Standard on ebay for a great price. The guitar is amazing. The seller's only condition was that I had to buy the MG50DFX also. I didn't mind because i still got a really good price for the guitar. However, as almost all of you know or have heard, MGs are not very good. The clean isnt very clean, and the distortion is just bad. I haven't even bothered with the effects. The only other amp I have is a little Vox practice amp.

Anyway, on to the point. I'm trying to find a decent amp for around 250, but no more than 400 that will let me play some blues, and classic/modern rock, if such a thing exists. I already know that I'll have to buy used. Also want a decent amount of power. Would love some suggestions of models, or a link to a thread where this has already been answered.

Why not just upgrade your Marshall, sell the MG and get a better one, good for Classic Rock/Blues and practically designed for Les Pauls.

Actually they might be a bit out of your price range, have you looked at the Roland Cube series at all?
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look for a used peavey classic 30 or a crate v30.

ideally you get a marshall for that les paul, but there isn't a great one that fits your price range. You could try the AVT50 combo. Its actually pretty decent and will be pretty cheap if you buy used, overpriced new (like most Marshalls). People will hate on it for being a hybrid, but despite having a better amplifier, I still play mine all the time, and used it for gigs, practices, etc. for over 6 years, and it served me very well during that time.
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may I suggest a Peavey Valve king? has really nice cleans and pretty good distortion. and it's all-tube
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may I suggest a Peavey Valve king? has really nice cleans and pretty good distortion. and it's all-tube

Nice cleans what are you smoking?
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crate v18 springs to mind

the MG is almost $400 itself so sell it and have a much better budget
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