Yeah, just like the title says. I ordered some Michael Romeo signature picks about two weeks back, and they arrived today. They're small picks, I'm not sure how to describe them. There's a picture of them on my profile if you want a look. Anyway, I've been playing for close to three years using normal-sized picks, and for at least a year using Jim Dunlop 1.00 mm picks. Trying to use these Michael Romeo picks just feels weird, and I keep moving the pick back in my fingers so I have as much pick in my fingers as I'm used to, leaving me with virtually no tip and my fingers hitting the strings while I pick or strum. However, some people I know, including a few local guitarists who I have a fair bit of respect for, have recommended the little picks, saying that once you try them you won't go back. Well, I've tried them, and I'm not sure. They seem to have a really good attack and sound ect. ect. but I can't seem to hold them properly. Do I just need to spend a couple of hours getting used to it or are they just not for me?
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Its just a matter of time until you get used to them. Just take heed, that once you do, the reason you wont go back to normal sized picks is because you'll be so used to small picks you would have forgotten how to handle the normal sized ones, and have to start over.

Its easier if you use huge triangle picks, that way you can use both normal and huge picks. Never really cared much for small ones.

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And Daron Malakians custom triangle pick.

Thats all you need to know.