I have a Mitchell M100-SPK (1 of those starter pack things) I bought at GC for $200. It's all Laminate. It is my only guitar at the moment but I wanna do something with it. Surprisingly it doesn't have bad sound. I want to customize the look a little bit without risk of damaging the guitar since I don't have another 1 right now. I also can't spend too much because I am saving up for an electric guitar soon.
Any suggestions on what I could do to it?
coloured tape stuck on to make patterns.
attach bottle tops from beer to it...i don't know if thats safe on acoustic guitars though.
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Stickers, paint, just doodling on it, writing a slogan etc.

Tom Morello's just says 'SOUL POWER' and its awesome.

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Thats all you need to know.
Anybody know of a way to put stuff on that's removable, I can print a "stickier off my PC but want it removable just in case.
well if you "might want to remove it later" you probably shouldnt do it
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Yeah. Generally, cool mods are sort of permanent.

What did you have in mind anyway?
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