Okay, so I just finished a song. It's meant to be played with a full band and vocals and stuff. It's called "Statistics And Tragedies" and it's got a metal vibe. it's the first time I did slight sweep picking in the "solo", so if you check it out I would be grateful!!

Crit for Crit of course, providing you give a decent analysis and not just a "Oh thats good, rate mine"...
The riffs definitely have a metal vibe to them. Melodically speaking they work great. What I like about the solo is that you don't go off a 1000 miles an hour instantly, you keep it melodic and then show off your sweep picking. My only criticism is that the solo's too short, especially for the kind that you're writing (slow and melodic), they need to be longer and follow a more complicated chord progression. The solo was also a bit quiet and the metronome got a little annoying but that's not a huge deal.

ok well your song is very creative i like all the riffs in it everything flowed nicely .. The solo was cool but couldve been longer. and im sure with vocals it wouldnt sound so repetitive

overall good song very creative

btw thats a killer intro
i thought the tone was a bit tinny. i like the riffs alot. i thought the riff changes were way to abrupt. definately cool stuff. it is a bit repetive. the soloing was cool. sweeping was well done. good stuff.

as far as quality goes, i use audacity with at windows pc...nothing to special. i do record vocals through a PODX3, and i use that for alot of my guitar tones. as far as guitar recording, i use a Shure SM57 mic straight into the computor
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Thanks alot guys

Yeah, it's gonna sound repetitive cos it doesn't have a full band. But I was listening to Pantera and realised that as long as the vocals are interesting than you can go from repetitive to interesting.
Overall, sounds pretty good. It could be recorded and mixed a bit better. Maybe a bit less gain on the guitar...

But I understand not everyone has acess to a studio/amazing equipment.

I think that the lack of drums and bass makes it sound a bit repetitive, if you had a GP file for this I would write and maybe even be able to record you some drums if I could get to my brothers place for a day or two. For the bass you could just record a clean guitar track playing a basslive and pitchshift it down an octave, and the maybe muck around with the EQ's to make it sound more like a bass.

The riff's are pretty solid through out, nice to see you're not staying in key all the time. You're sort of going outside of it and adding your own flair to it by the sounds of it. Which is really cool!

It sort of sounds like A7x, meets The Hunt For Ida Wave, maybe with a Pantera twist on it. Which is pretty awesome!

The solo was too quiet I think. it should be louder, but what I heard of it was very very very good! Very original, which you don't see much these days.

Overall, needs a full band. But it's a good start! 8/10!
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Hey dude thanks for the crit!

I like the first riff. It's a cool, dissonant chord progression. But you could REALLY improve the quality here if you just went out and bought an interface. It really makes a difference.

The second riff is cool as well, but I don't like it as much as the first one. The low, dissonant chords make it sound a little too muddy for my tastes.

The third riff is my favorite on so far. Nice tempo change, and good use of vibrato.

I really like that chord progression at 1:05. I'm guessing this is the chorus?

WOAH! The guitar gets really, really loud for some reason at 1:28. You should fix that up a little bit lol.

The solo was a little too quiet..... i honestly couldn't hear much of it...... sorry....

Overall, that was a pretty decent song. I could imagine it sounding great with drums/vocals/bass. Good job 8/10.
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hey sorry for the late crit, i was on holiday, anyway, I like the Riff, it's good, there is a good progression, you may want to aim for a better sound for the rythme guitar, I love the leads at around 3:20, it's got a good effect and sounds cool! Vocals could make the song sound really good. Keep up the good work and thanks for the crit!