can anyone give me some info on a guitar i got on ebay for 25 bucks with no bridge just a hole where the router got away from someone and coverd in dry glue.with some work i got the glue off without damageing the finish.and was able to get a trem bridge in and hide everything.strung her up and was surprised with with the action i was able to get it down to.the pickups arent really hot only 12k but realy sound nice and aggresive.the haedstock just reads CORT ELECTRIC GUITAR it is a nat finish and the body is black no serial numbers or anything its the typical s shaped body the pickups are hss and all have solid black covers.the neck realy has an ibanez feel to it very thin. i would guess its an 80s built guitar pos late 70s but only a guess.i am new to UG hope i have givin enough of a description for someone to reckonise the model and maybe a little info on it???? thanks