so i felt like looking at agile guitars a little while ago, and i came across the al-2000 w/ floyd rose, left handed, for $290. ive been wanting a guitar with a floyd rose for a while, but most are so expensive. so what is the quality of this guitar? is it gibson quality. or less. anyone have this guitar?
the AL-2000 is the cheapest of the group. I highly doubt they're gibson quality.

I hear the AL-3000s are really nice though.
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it's going to be about the quality of an epiphone, more of less. But the trem is going to be a giant piece of ****, and will fail on you in a couple of months. With floating trems, you get what you pay for. I would say if your going to get it, put an OFR in it, but then it might not be worth it.

ps. theres also an agile thread
AL-2000 quality is alright... Just alright.
The Floyd Rose on it is licensed and i doubt the quality of the parts will be able to hold it for long. As Ghold123 advised, if you really need a floating bridge then pay some extra for a Original FR unit. If not then go with the regular Agile version would be a better choice.

And i'm not entirely thrilled on a floating bridge on a Les Paul. It just feel kind of ... wrong.

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